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IIME (International Intercultural Mural Exchange) Project


Atsuko Shiwaku

JAM  (Japan ArtMile) provides various support to teachers so that the very beginners can carry out this high level international exchange and get great effects through this globally collaborative learning. 

JAM tries to exhibit as many murals at as many places as possible in Japan and in the rest of the world, for we would like to convey children's messages widely to as many people as possible.

About 4,000 students of 142 schools have participated from 29 Counties/Regions in 2013.

Our class

which joined GUJO's High school in Japan.

The Japanese teachers are Ms Yuka Amano and Mr Keisuke Sawahara and the Italian ones are Mrs Francesca, Rita Amoroso and Mr Gianni De Menna.

We posted photos on the forum...


Our friends' class


...and shared information about life and culture of both countries.

Different ways of fishing


Food replicas and Gujo-Miso (thick soy sauce)




Please have a look at our places ...and come and visit us one day!!!

We decided what and how to paint on the mural...

The Japanise class began to paint the first half and sent us the mural...

we received the parcel with the big mural, colours and candies...

We started drawing and painting....

We were busy ...but happy